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*Only the copyright for the collections are reserved with the editors of The Four Quarters Magazine. Individual copyright for artwork, prose, poetry, fiction and extracts of novels and other volumes published in this issue of the magazine rests solely with the authors. The magazine does not claim any of those for its own. No part of this publication may be copied without express written permission from the copyright holders in each case. The magazine is freely circulated on the World Wide Web. It may not be sold or hired out in its digital form to anybody by any agency whatsoever. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of India.

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  1. Hey,

    This one was a great read. Just wanted to know when would the Nov-Dec issue be out?

  2. I made a submission to your magazine. I found some grammatical mistakes in my submission. Could you inform whether it is possible to make a resubmission.

  3. I am a Bangladeshi citizen but my husband is an Indian. So I stays in India with my husband. Can I send my writing works for this magazine?

  4. Hello
    I wish to submit a translation. The original work was published in a magazine (January-1985) but there was no mention of the writer. But the magazine is out of print now. So I am a little confused regarding the copyright/ permission issue. However, I have a copy of the January 1985 issue. Shall I mail it at the ‘submissions’? What do I do? Please respond.

    Sukla Singha
    Agartala, Tripura (W)

  5. Hello,
    I find your magazine exceptionally wonderful and I hope to send in a couple of works for the next issue. Too bad I missed the deadline. I’ve been wondering if I could get a hard copy of TFQM or order it from anywhere. . Do let me know! :)

  6. Hello, I just got a letter from FQM notifying me that my piece has been received. I have been told that I will be notified in case it is accepted, but not in case it is rejected. Can you tell me how long I would have to wait to know if it is accepted? I wanted to know this because upon rejection, I would want to send it to some other place.

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